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This event will take place between May 25th and 27th 2018. The winner is decided through two qualifying races, each with eight starters, and a subsequent final on Sunday May 27th. The competition is regarded as one of the most prestigious international events in trotting and it is an annual event that has been taken place since 1952. The best horses in the world are invited, and both the eliminations and the final are raced over a mile (1609 meters). 

Elitloppet is traditionally raced on the last Sunday of May. Solvalla Racetrack holds races both Saturday and Sunday which makes up a meet, known in Sweden as "The Elitloppet weekend". The two days are generally well-visited and is considered one of Sweden's biggest sports events. A total of over 60,000 people attend the events at Solvalla. Having experienced this ”trotting meet” once, you always want to come back. 

Entrance fees and racing days 
The ticket of admission is preferably purchased online; www.elitloppet.se, this will give you less waiting time at the entrance and you will also have the possibility of winning exclusive prices.  
Remember to print out your ticket and bring it with you to show at the entrance. You can also show your ticket from your mobilephone or Ipad. Tickets can also be bought at the entrances. 

V65/ Friday May 25th  
SEK 50 (incl. service charge) 

V75/ Saturday May 26th – Finals Sweden Cup, Harper Hanovers race 
SEK 290 (incl. service charge) 

V75/Sunday May 27th – Elitloppet and an additional V75 
SEK 350 (incl. service charge) 

Weekend ticket - May 25th-27th SEK 490 (incl. service charge) 

Weekend ticket incl. outdoors seat – SEK 795 (incl. service charge). Can only be bought online. 

Weekend ticket incl. indoors seat – SEK 895 (incl. service charge). Can only be bought online. 
Buy ticket hereBuy merchandise 

Package tours to the Elitlopp
Equi Tours arrange comfortable and luxury package tours to the Elitlopp, including hotels, transfers, restaurant tickets and more. Read more!

For everyone's comfort, please be prepared to open your bags for a search at the entrance – the entry will be a lot smoother. 
A search will be made at every entrance gate, alcoholic beverages cannot be brought to the racetrack. 

Restaurants and table reservation: 
Table reservations can be made from Feb 5th 2018 from 9 am – by web only here.  
For other questions, please contact the restaurant in question. 

We recommend the following; 
Hotel Anstalten (by the castle of Wenngarn) 
Best Western Plus Stockholm Bromma 
Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel, Solna 

Compare rates and hotels in Stockholm on www.trivago.se 

How to get to the Solvalla Racetrack; 
By car: 
E4 from the south – Exit Bromma/Vällingby 
E4 from the north  - Second exit Kista/Bromma 
E18 – exit Rissnekorset towards Bromma Airport, follow Bromma/Vällingby for about 1 km. 

GPS coordinates for the stable gates: Lat.N 59*,22',10” Lon. E17*,56', 0” 
GPS coordinates for the main entrance: Lat.N 59*,21',55” Lon. E17*,56', 32” 

By bus: 
Special buses from the City Terminal and back. Look for the gate to Elitloppet/Solvalla. 
Return from Solvalla after the races.  
Bus fee SEK 60, cash only. 

If you arrive by air; 
From Bromma Airport it is only a 10-15 min walk, or 5 min by taxi. 

A map over the Solvalla racetrack here 

We recommend not bringing your car, if possible. Parking is found by Bällstavägen and the entrance to the restaurants. Parking fee is SEK 100 per day, to be paid in cash only. 

Cash and bank services 
Cash withdrawal options are limited at the Solvalla Race track during the weekend of the Elitloppet, so we recommend you to carry cash with you. An ATM can be found outside the “Ströget” and the Bistro (ground and first floor of the Congress Hall). There will be an ATM bus outside the gates at the main entrance. 

Payments by credit cards can be used when betting in the Congress Hall and the “Spelhallen” in the E-house. Money exchange available in “Spelhallen” underneath the E-stand. 

We offer many seating arrangements and many of them can be pre-booked.  
You can bring your own folding chairs outdoors, please note that you are only allowed to sit below the painted stripes. On dashed areas no access. 
There are six dashed areas next to the fence where the police- and fire authorities allow standing spectators only. 

Mobile and wireless network (Wifi) 

Telia and Tele2 will reinforce the mobile network and there will also be a wireless network. 
Login: Banguest, Password: Zoogin12. We are asking for your understanding if the network at times is heavily used. This is due to so many spectators this weekend. 

Trotting guides (programmes) 
Can be bought at the racetrack or be downloaded as PDF online on www.elitloppet.se  
a couple of days before the race. 

Other questions about the Elitloppet or Solvalla Racetrack, please e-mail to info@elitloppet.se 

Social media 
Follow @Solvalla on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Official hashtag for the race is #elitloppet. Join the official facebookevent for latest news about Elitloppet 2018 here.

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Besök Solvalla | Vi förmedlar puls, upplevelser och engagemang. Det är dessutom en arena under ständig utveckling.

Solvalla är Nordens största travarena och rymmer 35 000- 40 000 personer.

Kontakta oss

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E-post: info@solvalla.se

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